Wednesday, June 15, 2011

still the same

It has been a long time since i didn’t tidy up this messy-looks blog. It’s  okay btw since me too have become someone that i’m not sure who am i.or the best way to describe is am i najihah?-.-‘

Frankly said my time was fully-booked by tonnes of tutorials, assignment, some hadith that i need to memorize, my duty,etc etc.see how busy am i but thank god i still have time to meet my creator, have memorable time with my buddies and of course valuable time to call my parents. Totally i am home-sickness now but what can i do,to unleash all this childish feelings in front of my friends don’t think so because this unbearable feelings may turn into a big wound if keep reminisce about it. I just need my parents babe ;(

Somehow I think i want to be like a dandelion seed where i can fly anywhere without any obstacle, no dark-life history & the most important no hurt-feelings which i can feel like i am the most perfecto humankind in this world. It was totally nonsense okay but it’s not possible what?haha

I gtg now,someone is waiting for me.kisses (:

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