Tuesday, June 7, 2011

meet my new life,hi


hmm,alhamdulillah,everything is running smoothly,including my new room,roomates*still the same person which came from the same previous school,i think i can't get along with other ppl lah-.-'*,my new group,my subjects,and the most important one,people who's gonna teach me,i keep praying so that i can adapt with their teaching system especially for this and next semester*critical core subject*ohh btw i'm taking understanding islam,chem1,math3&comp1,ohh god..

then,i just deactivate my fb account because of some problem,i need privacy sometimes,ohh i mean some space because currently fb keep seducing me with the notifications,messages,wall posts bla bla bla.plus, with my current condition that was a bit critical,so i need to ignore fb for a while.but i still on my twitter,skype and of course my phone(:

opps,okay,i'm not realise that fb account in my lappy was still under my brother account,so i may read your blogs then i click LIKE button.his name appeared that means it was me,sorry especially fye(:

okay, i need to something.adios!

p/s:woahhhhhhhh,i love my new room because it was facing the main football field.hhehehe*evil laugh*

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