Saturday, June 18, 2011

when a girl dot dot dot

Hi pals,(: guess what . i had found one place that was a bit better than masjid india.i don’t really know the existent of this place actually after my friends keep talking about one bookstores in amcorp mall, only one station from station u and it only takes few minutes to go there.maybe it was worth for me..

First time i make my first steps there,my eyes was full of excitement, to  explore all-books genre there maybe it takes few hours.i  can’t believe all books were sold in much much discount.okay let say if the real price for sophie kinsella novels almost costs rm79.90-rm100.00++(international prices),but in amcorp mall u can’t get around rm 16.90-rm20.00.same goes to my new novel, and the best best thing was it is not a 2ndhand-books but it is original, some of the books were still in plastic cover and of course the price was affordable.

Okay,i bet you’ll be surprised when read this but unfortunately 1book-title was in  limited will not restock again the novel maybe because it is limited. Most of the writer were came from the most known one like meg cabot, Cecelia ahern,j.k rowling,agatha christie ,betty neils etc.etc besides sophie kinsella.btw i am officially one of Sophie kinsella fan.*winkwink*

I’ll make sure to go there every month and at least i can get 4-5 books for a month.luckily i have one friend who is fanatic towards English novel. She has boxes of English novel and it is wow!to be frank,i am still a does not mean that u’re greedy but actually it shows your obsessive’s towards knowledge. it is worth right? so pals, if you wanna  go there just tell me if you need help.but i am not promoting this bookstores to someone who’re not anticipated into reading materials because i am scared you’ll fall asleep in the bookstore. It is really bored sometimes.
See ya there!