Saturday, June 4, 2011

i hope it just a bad dream,unfortunately it was true


i wrote this with sense of sadness and hesitant wrapping my heart.hmm.i hate to leave my family,parents;(,seriously everytime kalau nak tinggal rumah je,mesti rasa homesick ;(,till now, even-though i've already matured & can adapt in one place for a long time,i still can't forget the home-sweet-home.i am worried thinking of who's gonna do all the chores works,take care of brothers,cooking,take care of home-safety,for me all those job was on my responsibility,i'm the eldest so automatically i am the guardian for my siblings.

i don't want to burden my parents, i think my mother was trouble enough to think about the family,daily finance to buy foods,to settle my brother's problems including me ;(

sometimes,i've been thinking my life without my parents.then i've decided to NOT get married because i want to take care of my parents.i want to work hard,send them for haji&umrah,repay back all their love,sacrifice.i don't care if did not get a chance to go overseas,i just want to be with my family,having a good life,that's enough!(:

but ,if allah destined to meet my real 'adam',insyallah i'll be with him,

take care ;(

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