Thursday, June 2, 2011

to switch to another lifestyle,isn't it difficult?


i just can't wait to start my new hectic,pathetic life starting from next week,oh okay-.-',obviously it was faked.i've been started busy managing,packing all my stuff since last Monday but hitherto I am still not finish deal with this thinggy.tolonglah someone yang  berjiwa mulia berhati besar,bantulah hamba yang naif ini.penat duh!

plus,with this gum-boil problem lagi ni haa.thank-god,it attacked around the root of the tooth and the pain i often felt in the bone&jaw.baguslah,lagi nak balik,lagi bertambah-tambah hal nya.

next i lost my scientific calculator,i don't know why suddenly 'he'*wants to play hide&seek,i've been searching  in whole area, even-though in the kitchen.hmmmmmmmmmmm..

then,i don't know where i put all my baju kurung?

we went to tesco to buy my props,how come ekh i forgot to buy brush-teeth?

do you see my chem1 notebooks?seriously i really need it, haaa,also my stationeries?

nampak sangat kepala aku tengah pusing ni haa,please hands off from my life for a moments,thnkyou(:

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