Thursday, June 2, 2011

i've been thinking this for a long time and i am gonna do it right now.

where on earth*i mean in malacca i can find paragliding centre.i can 'fly' without any interference?hmm-.-*thinking*

i miss those memories lol :p:,and now i'm gaining weight a lot so i don't think i can do this well like before.hmm.maybe next time.

to be frank,i hate hiking because i am not really interested to go to a place without complete accommodation and i can't sleep comfortably.but early this year,i went to forest research institute Malaysia in kepong for a programme and at the same time we're having our camping & hiking activities.and i like it very much like i've been waiting for the next trip to another forest camp-site.* Cameron&genting highlands can be exceptional*but,when i can have my next camping activities because my schedule for the next becoming sem was too-packed.aigoo.maybe this idea can be reconsidered.

so,one thing that i can do &legal right now is.

okay,goodnight & sweet dream*yawning*

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