Thursday, July 14, 2011


" just only takes few months for you to change",that's what my friend said lilting her voice over the buzz & crackle of students during our way to meeting.and yes! it was hard to said,& she was right and i've never regretted it or looked back.i guess what i am trying to say is..........EVERYONE'S CHANGED,and everyone have to move forward right?

I loved the way where i had so much knowledge where i can shared with ppl. eventhough i need to repeat the same words every bloody day,it's okay and it's good actually,i'm doing good deeds & i need rewards.-for a beneficial thinggy only

back to my previous,old-folks stories,there always be a silence part when ppl ask me something (that means i knows nothing in much field)& clear my throat and MAYBE...i feel paralyzed everytime someone asked me about things that they know actually but they just need someone which idk why they choose me to make those conformation.and finally they end up being frowns questioningly.that was my 'jahiliah' moments.

and just what i've said,i'm bloody trying to top-up my knowledge so that i don't feel blurrr everytime they ask something that they really not sure & the 1st one who conformed that.haha,that what we should be.especially about islam,it was hard actually because we can't judge any resolution without based on al-quran or i need to memorize some of the hadith so that they'll no doubt about matters which they are not sure.

same goes in my understanding islam subject,we need to memorize some of sentences from al-quran & hadith to put as evidences in our essay during is good actually,the more you memorize,the more easier knowledge will entered your heart-that's what my lecturer said.

so it's not wasting any part of your life to get as much knowledge as you want because it may be useful as guidance in your life.insyaAllah(: