Wednesday, December 8, 2010


tomorrow will be started d "err,hurm,act i'm not too intersted to be participated in 
speaking corner program,believe what,i'm gonna debates in front of u** students tomorrow

sounds funny ya?-_-'(i admit)
dat's y i hate talking in front of others bacause
b42 this i make conversation NOT BASED ON FACTS
i repeat NO FACTS,and all those ADVANTAGES sources
i hope a miracle will happen next evening
such 'err,suddenly we'll having chem quiz or i got diarrhea

urmm;(,based on motion the economic development of a country is more important 
than protecting the environment'
i've prepared such a longgggggg points and i've sketch
a quite biggggg title on the top of paper,(so that i'm not running out
from the title)blurr|;

p/s:wish me luck,(i'm not going to record my presentation for this time coz i expect
tomorrow w'll be a worst day for me,nauzubillah.

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